The Book of Forbidden Knowledge

The following are not original works, but quotes and sections from The Book of Forbidden Knowledge: Black Magic, Superstition, Charms and Divination published by Johnson Smith & Company in Detroit Michigan (1910?ish). There are modern printings out you can find, and I suggest picking one up for flavor with your game. They have a ton of fun quirky stuff in them. Here are presented a few folk remedies from the book. You can access The Book of Forbidden Knowledge at This is just a bit that I had pulled out for something I was writing, and figured I would share here if anyone found them interesting, and might be fun to add flavor to your game as superstitions and cures.
When they bury an old man, and the funeral bells are ringing, the following should be spoken: They are sounding the funeral bell and what I now grasp may soon be well and what ill I grasp do take away, like the dead one in the grave does lay. ***
While reciting the sentence, always hold the troubled part in the hand, and regarding the corns, move over them with your fingers after cutting out the corns, and as long as they are tolling the bells repeat the above. As soon as the dead body begins to bleach the corns will disappear. Probate in the case of a male, wait for the funeral of one of that sex; In the case of a female wait until a female is to be buried.

Take a new nail, pick with this tooth till it bleeds, then take this nail and insert it in a place where neither sun or moon ever shines into, perhaps, in the rafters of the bin in a cellar, toward the rising of the sun; at the first stroke upon the nail call the name of him who you design to help, and speak: Toothache cease, pain allay!


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The birth of gods

The following is written for my home game that I am preparing right now.

Humans have created gods for a god to have power the god must be manifested and reified by the social body. The act of worship gives power to the god. Organized religion is essential for a God to exist. This is because for a God to exist there has to be enough worshipers and followers to manifest the deity. Rural areas often have petty gods because the local small scale worship of deities has less power to manifest a deity. Petty gods have become major gods over time when a rural deity has been brought into an urban population and spread with the birth of new religion reaching further parts of the world. Major gods have been known to begin as petty gods in rural areas.



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