Month: December 2020

The Horror of Christmas With Orcus

Our game group likes to celebrate holidays every year with holiday themed games. We have been playing online here over the last year due to COVID so that changes things for our normal games. We plan lots of themed potlucks or order food as a group for our games. For me playing D&D and other Role-Playing games is a very social thing. Most of my social life comes from my game group. So celebrating holidays with game is right up our alley. There are a ton of holiday themed adventures out there. Just go to DriveThruRPG and search Christmas and a ton of winter fun lighthearted adventures will pop up, or just make your own. This year we played How Orcus Stole Christmas. Continue reading →

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Wizards of the Coast For Sale!?!? What I would do with D&D

An article floating around started some speculation about the possibility of Hasbro selling Wizards of the Coast or at the very least the Dungeons & Dragons property. I won’t rehash the speculation on this or why people seem to think this is a possibility, but I would like to take time to give a few thoughts and perhaps a few things I’ll put on my D&D future wish list.

I still recall the first time I rolled up an AD&D character. I had been playing various role-playing games for years in my basement and in my friends bedrooms. I remember sitting on the scratchy carpet of my friends bedroom as he laid out on his side in his bed overlooking us. The smell of the pages, the firm cover of the player’s handbook and the sound of the binding cracking as I flipped though it is etched into my mind forever.  I am sentimental when it comes to that Player’s Handbook. It sits on my shelf with brown box tape on the spine. Continue reading →

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