Hero / Luck / Fate / Oh Crap Points. <L>

Hero / Luck / Fate / Oh Crap Points.

Most games have some elements of this. Luck points, pushing rolls, advantages, bennies etc. It is some mechanism that allows the players to re-roll after missing a critical roll/save. Most RPGs have some version of this. I like using Hero points to include doing heroic / extra-ordinary shitte. This usage is more geared toward Pulp / Heroic type games to allow character to perform crazy but entertaining actions. This involves the player more into the action of the game. I get them to describe their heroic act when they spend hero points. Eg. Leaping across to catch a rope, swing over the water, and stick the landing on the other side. Under normal circumstances, that could be like 2 DEX checks at med-high DC level. Continue reading →

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Natural Healing and Hit Point Recovery

This article covers natural healing and hit point recovery.  Several different systems are listed below. It really depends on what type of game play you and your gaming group like. Realistic and gritty with slow HP recovery, fast heroic recovery, something in-between? Continue reading →

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