XP Rewards / Other Rewards 

XP Rewards / Other Rewards 

In RPGs, how do characters get more power, spells, better skills?                                         Usually by level advancement.

People act on what they are rewarded and punished for. In game, they will make decisions to maximize reward and minimize punishment. 

Rewards usually revolve ultimately around:

  • Gaining XP: Defeating monsters, finding treasures, completing quests and adventures.
  • Getting Magic Items or Other unique items: Getting magic and unique items to help build their character out.

XP is doled out for Defeating Monsters (killing, out smarting, getting around etc.) with most parties defaulting to killing monsters if they can. The more powerful a monster is (either HD or special features), the higher the XP. Finding treasure (1 GP = 1 XP) is another though there are variations on how to count: counting everything that you find, counting only what you can carry back, counting only what you spend or donate out. Challenging adventures or quests can also result in more XP upon successful completion. Continue reading →

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OSR vs. Modern RPG Tabletop Games:  Pros/Con

OSR vs. Modern RPG Tabletop Games:  Pros/Con

D&D has become more popular than I would have ever imagined in my youth. This is great for the RPG tabletop industry and RPG gamers. However, 5th edition of D&D / Fantasy is by far the most main stream. I grew up playing AD&D 1E, B/X, and BECMI primarily, and then Call of Cthulhu (1E-3E) with some Warhammer 40K – Rogue Trader mixed in. Today, our group play mostly OSR game/systems. I have played 5E and do enjoy it too. 

There appears to be a pretty hardline with old school gamers in disliking 5E and Pathfinder / 3.5E. As with anything, there is a balance and OSR and modern systems (post 2000’s) both have pro/cons pending your gaming group preference. The strength of one system is the weakness of the other pending preference. Continue reading →

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DM / GM Prep and Game Aids

DM / GM Prep and Game Aids

This article is about being a DM/GM and some basic prep/game aids that will make your life easier and more organized when running the game. We all have busy schedules with work, family, and other obligations so having some basic tools and systems in place will help you enjoy gaming vs. spending time during game doing prep work or looking for basic info. For many folks with busy schedules, game time is their only personal time and time to escape. Maximizing that time is important.

If you play online with like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds, those platforms already have many things prepped for you like dice, character sheets, maps, managing combat initiative, monster/enemy stats etc. which is great. There are still things that you need to manage or if you play pencil/paper, you’ll need to manage yourself. Continue reading →

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New Year of Gaming in 2021

It’s a New Year, 2020 is finally over, and we are moving on to 2021. None of the problems that led to all the horrors of 2020 have been really fixed so I expect to see the world to be heading in the same direction until we can make real changes. Then there is my Role Playing Games. This is my escape from the every day horrors of our shared capitalist imperialist police state dystopia here in the USA. It is no secret that my blog before this one was a political blog, so my political leanings are no secret. I am happy to see the Silver Spoon Spoilt Brat on his way out of the White House. On the other hand, I am not thrilled with the election of Biden. I am frustrated with Democrats selecting such a far right politician. So, while I feel positive for the new year, I also have a great deal of doubt the year will be a great improvement over 2020. My personal life was amazing over 2020, and I am hopeful that will continue into 2021.

I am looking forward to the games I plan on playing over the new year. Continue reading →

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The Horror of Christmas With Orcus

Our game group likes to celebrate holidays every year with holiday themed games. We have been playing online here over the last year due to COVID so that changes things for our normal games. We plan lots of themed potlucks or order food as a group for our games. For me playing D&D and other Role-Playing games is a very social thing. Most of my social life comes from my game group. So celebrating holidays with game is right up our alley. There are a ton of holiday themed adventures out there. Just go to DriveThruRPG and search Christmas and a ton of winter fun lighthearted adventures will pop up, or just make your own. This year we played How Orcus Stole Christmas. Continue reading →

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Wizards of the Coast For Sale!?!? What I would do with D&D

An article floating around started some speculation about the possibility of Hasbro selling Wizards of the Coast or at the very least the Dungeons & Dragons property. I won’t rehash the speculation on this or why people seem to think this is a possibility, but I would like to take time to give a few thoughts and perhaps a few things I’ll put on my D&D future wish list.

I still recall the first time I rolled up an AD&D character. I had been playing various role-playing games for years in my basement and in my friends bedrooms. I remember sitting on the scratchy carpet of my friends bedroom as he laid out on his side in his bed overlooking us. The smell of the pages, the firm cover of the player’s handbook and the sound of the binding cracking as I flipped though it is etched into my mind forever.  I am sentimental when it comes to that Player’s Handbook. It sits on my shelf with brown box tape on the spine. Continue reading →

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Forbidden Lands Fantasy RPG Review

Forbidden Lands is a Fantasy Role Playing Game from Free League Publishing, the folks who brought us Mutant: Year Zero, Alien and Tales from the Loop. The game uses a variation of the Year Zero system, a system they are using in a lot of their publications. Some have called Forbidden Lands an OSR game which stands for Old School Revival which is sort of an unofficial term people seem to be using for games that are Retro-Clones of the older editions of the classic Fantasy RPG. Unlike many of the retro-clones out there this is a totally modern system and not only is the system very new and modern, but it takes some old gaming ideas and does some really new modern innovative things with those. For this reason, I have a hard time seeing how this game is considered “Old School” at all. Continue reading →

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Half Price Books, How the Mighty Have Fallen

In the 90’s I would go on weekly book hunts. A lot of what I was looking for was Role Playing game books. I would have a route hitting up book stores, game stores and comic stores. Along this route was Half Price books. Over the decades my half price books stops were more than weekly at times. I would go often to keep track on what kind of stuff local locations were getting in. I have to say I bought way too much from Half Price Books over the years. I loved it because I was always able to find great game books at half the cover price. Then, something changed. I noticed the same books that were being sold for 7 or 8 bucks suddenly going on the shelves for $50 or more. I was baffled. Continue reading →

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Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Fantasy Tool Kit REVIEW

Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Fantasy Tool Kit REVIEW

I recently did a KickStarter for Roll&Play’s Game Master’s Tool Kit. This is a review of that product, and I paid for it with my own hard earned dinero. No sponsorship was involved in this review.

What is it?

System Neutral – Fantasy aid for GM’s to fill in background details about scenes and encounters. Its written by Sam Bartlett in the UK, and it first product from his company Roll & Play. The 94 page guide helps fill in details with tons of tables (that you can roll randomly on or just pick) to help enrich the game. There are lot of other resources to help generate like tavern names or NPC names (which this has), but this guide also adds a lot more other details in areas like festivals, supernatural patrons, revival side effects, bargain spell scrolls, etc. Continue reading →

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An Alternative Alignment Approach for D&D and other RPGs

The alignment system in Dungeons & Dragons has found its way into many Role Playing Games. Most retro-clones and lots of other systems uses the system. I don’t think it needs an introduction here, but to just bring everyone up to speed it is the chart you might see floating around in memes with Lawful Good and variations of Lawful, Neutral and chaotic coupled with good, neutral and evil. Some have expressed how inadequate this system is in reflecting real ethics or human behavior. Continue reading →

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