20 Odd Magic Items



The point of these items is to see what your players do. There are little to no stats as they are intended to be expanded upon during play. Hopefully, they can spark a few fun ideas, but the biggest purpose is to see what the players try to do with such things and where they take it. Perhaps the most absurd thing will come in handy when you least expect it.

Box of Fire Ants

This little wooden box with rusty hinges squeaks as it is open. Once open a thousand fire ants will come flooding out. Fire ant bites are not pleasant, their bite stings.

Click the link on the image to see more of Anna The Newts art for inspiration.


Cap of Confusion

This little ragged purple patched & stitched cap will let the wearer hear far away through walls and further but everything the wearer hears is muffled and confusing. The wearer can hear noise, but not decipher anything they hear.

Slippery Glove

This magical glove will hold on to nothing. With this glove on, the wearer will drop or let go of anything they try to grasp. Do not try to pick up that nice antique glass vase with this glove on.

The Mirror Ring

The wearer of this ring will magically appear as the observer. Whenever one looks at someone wearing this ring, they see themselves not the true wearer. The person who puts this on will appear different to every viewer as each viewer is seeing themselves not the person wearing it.

The String of Constant Regeneration

This is a meter long length of string with knots in it. It is frayed and not very strong, it can hold about 3D6 pounds until it breaks. Each time it breaks or is cut the two lengths will grow back to the same size as the original length. Two pieces will become one. Every piece of string cut from it will also continue to grow lengths back as they are cut or broken. After 1d4 days all lengths will vanish except for one, the original.

The Arrowhead of Orgamath

When this arrowhead is used to be fashioned into an arrow, the arrow will always hit, it is a sure shot, it never misses. It does damage as a normal arrow. However, the arrow fashioned from it will always fall apart after hitting the target.

The Spell Book of Expropriation

If a wizard’s name is written on a page in this book it will wipe all memorized spells from their mind for that day. The spell book has very limited pages and can not be used more than once a month. After wiping the mind of a magic user it must recharge. All the memorized spells will be listed on the page under the name, but it will only list the name or title of the spell so the actual spell is not written in the book.

The Deck of Many Flings

This Deck of 52 cards will fling random objects at whoever pulls a card. Some are benign, some might harm the person who gets hit by it. The object automatically hits, so if you pull a card you better pray it is not a deadly weapon.

The Clay Pot

If you reach into this pot with your hand, and only your hand, you will pull out a handful of soft wet gooey clay every time. It constantly produces more handfuls of clay.

The Squirrel flute

Playing this flute will summon 3D6 mesmerized squirrels. Can be used once a day.

The organ of interplanar Travel

Constructed in either a cathedral or in the depths of a dungeon, this large pipe organ takes up rooms, but has the magical ability to open interplanar doors. The planes it opens and even opening a door is dependent on playing the proper music. The songbook of interplanar travel once held all the possible planes and combinations, but long ago had the pages torn out and scattered across the world. There are legends that some of the songs were kept alive by traveling bards who roamed singing songs from the notes of the sheet music.

The Seeing Gem

Removing one’s eye and replacing it with one of these bright red gems will give one infravision and the ability to see alignment once a day.

Alberto Turk’s self-seeing crystal ball

The viewer looks into this six-inch glass orb and sees only themselves and their surroundings from above a few seconds in the future. It gives one a view from above from the very near future. This is a one-of-a-kind item.

Dibley’s Lock picks

This set of lock picks comes in an ornately carved and painted wooden box and they originally contained four lock picks. The picks require no skill and will magically open any lock or door. To find a complete set is near unheard of. Often there is only one pick left in the set, or most often the box will be empty with all picks used. Each pic can be used only once and disintegrates upon opening a lock.

Replenishing Bag of Marbles

Once a day this bag can replenish up to 1D100 Marbles.

The Perplexing Megaphone

This megaphone, a brass cone with a handle will produce no sound when spoken into. What is said will only be heard by the person of the speaker’s choice (most of the time), and them alone. If the speaker is aware of the general location of the person, they are speaking to it can reach up to 10 miles. All others will be deaf to the words spoken. This works only one way.

The belt of incredible weight

This belt made of metal and leather will magically triple the wearers weight without altering their appearance.

Laramie Deakins Incredible biscuits

Laramie Deakins bakes magical biscuits. He can only make one of these sweet treats a week, and they are highly coveted. The biscuit gives the person who consumes it the ability to sound like any person they wish for 1D6 minutes. It can mimic any voice.

The book of butterflies

This colorfully ornate book has butterflies pressed between the pages. Each page a different beautiful butterfly. When one is removed and thrown in the air, a swarm of that type of butterfly will magically appear from it and swarm the area. Once a butterfly is used it is gone forever and the butterflies have flown off and will vanish after 1D4 minutes leaving no trace.

The Bandage of Death

This bandage wrap appears to be a normal wrap for wounds, but once it is applied it will inflict 1D3 points of damage a day as long as it remains on the wound.