New Year of Gaming in 2021

It’s a New Year, 2020 is finally over, and we are moving on to 2021. None of the problems that led to all the horrors of 2020 have been really fixed so I expect to see the world to be heading in the same direction until we can make real changes. Then there is my Role Playing Games. This is my escape from the every day horrors of our shared capitalist imperialist police state dystopia here in the USA. It is no secret that my blog before this one was a political blog, so my political leanings are no secret. I am happy to see the Silver Spoon Spoilt Brat on his way out of the White House. On the other hand, I am not thrilled with the election of Biden. I am frustrated with Democrats selecting such a far right politician. So, while I feel positive for the new year, I also have a great deal of doubt the year will be a great improvement over 2020. My personal life was amazing over 2020, and I am hopeful that will continue into 2021.

I am looking forward to the games I plan on playing over the new year. I am currently running a Forbidden Lands Campaign, and I am loving it so far. The line of Year Zero System games from Free League Publishing is an amazing fresh and wonderful approach to gaming that accomplishes a lot that seems to suit my gaming wants and needs. They have a great way of using a totally new and simple system to accomplish so much. I like how the games have elements of classic Role Playing Games merged with new innovative elements. I am excited to see where my games go here with the system and what they are putting out. Year Zero Mini is a great little lite game you can get for free to run about any game you can imagine. The classic game, Dungeons & Dragons and it’s clone variants are what I normally get into, and that has not changed at all. I am wanting to start up an AD&D / OSRIC game here in the upcoming year. We have some plans on how to approach the game differently and in a fresh new way. One of the guys in our game group will also be running some Classic OD&D  with Old School Essentials, and I am more than excited to play in this game, so I am really looking forward to not just the games I will be running but also the ones I will be playing in. We have been playing an Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperboria campaign for the last year ran by “L” the other contributor here at the TTRP Blog. I am Logar the Barbarian, and I’m excited to see what adventures I get into there with that game.

The other thing I am looking forward to over the next year are some one-shots and other assorted shorter games we have planned to test out some games. I plan on Running a Troika! one-shot game in the upcoming year as well as a Mork Borg One-shot. If I run any more sessions beyond the one-shots that will be determined by the players and what they want and what time and schedules look like.

Also, a recent development is that I actually got 5th Edition D&D books. This is a first for me. I am often hesitant and late on buying new editions for games that I have quite a bit for, and I have a lot for the Classic AD&D editions. I have also been very invested in running Castles & Crusades over the last few years. I love the approach to the classic system from Troll Lord Games. I love that I can easily use books from other editions with the game. Over the holiday I got gift cards for Walmart and Target and I took to the sites looking for game books, because I really love to get new game books. I saw the 5th edition books were there for about half the cover price and I used my gift cards to buy the core three books. I am at least becoming more familiar with the game. I am shocked at some of the differences at times. I think the writing in the books is really good and a great introduction to the game for new gamers in this video digital world. Some of the new elements I am not as excited about as well. As one who comes from lots of rules lite Role Playing Games and I have ran some of the most bloated convoluted games out there as well. I have a lot of experience with many previous editions and the game seems to run most like the 3rd edition in many ways. The 3rd edition crowd sees it as rules lite and many who compare it to 3rd edition seem to consider it less rules heavy, but that is really just comparing it to the most bloated edition out there. There are many rules lite editions and clones that play less like the two and have far less complex elements and mechanics. I still prefer the rules lite as a DM. If I were new to the game and did not have countless boxes and book shelves of books for previous editions I could really get into 5th edition despite the differences. Who knows, maybe I will get to play in a game here in the next year or so and form some specific opinions on it. I do see how the mechanics being so much like 3rd edition would be difficult to fit in our groups play style.

In closing I would like to wish you all a great year of gaming in 2021. Stay healthy and COVID free if you can, and have lots of fun escapes in your Role-Playing Games to come.