20 Odd Magic Items



The point of these items is to see what your players do. There are little to no stats as they are intended to be expanded upon during play. Hopefully, they can spark a few fun ideas, but the biggest purpose is to see what the players try to do with such things and where they take it. Perhaps the most absurd thing will come in handy when you least expect it.

Box of Fire Ants

This little wooden box with rusty hinges squeaks as it is open. Once open a thousand fire ants will come flooding out. Fire ant bites are not pleasant, their bite stings.

Click the link on the image to see more of Anna The Newts art for inspiration.


Cap of Confusion

This little ragged purple patched & stitched cap will let the wearer hear far away through walls and further but everything the wearer hears is muffled and confusing. The wearer can hear noise, but not decipher anything they hear.


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We Meet In A Tavern No More

The way I have players roll up characters has changed over the years.

When I run a fantasy role-playing game it is intended to be cooperative. I have played those games in the past where everyone rolls up their own unique character and we randomly meet in a tavern. Inevitably someone comes in dark and brooding, the lone wolf who does not get along with the rest of the party. There is the player who goes charging on their own apart from the party because they claim that is what the character would do. So, I do not start a campaign like that anymore. Part of the process of character creation is creating a party. I ask two things of the players as they sit at the table and roll up characters.


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Move Over Zine Quest Here Comes Side Quest!


Have you been getting into Zine Quest on Kickstarter? If so Side Quest might just be up your alley. What is it? Like Zine Quest, it is a crowdfunding effort to get awesome creative DIY RPG and gaming zines supported and out. Unlike Zine Quest, this effort seems to be creator organized and lead. You can still get in on it at SideQuest.Info. Throughout the month of November, you can help support and spread the word to others about this creative endeavor.

Spreading the word on social media is a big help. Let others know about it and if you can support some of the projects. Some of the creators who did some amazing zines last Zine Quest are participating and I personally am looking forward to this.


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Playing Monsters in Old School D&D

MonstersThe game of D&D has changed a lot. Third edition and pathfinder had tons of books out focused on player options. The problem I have with those player options was that it seemed to complicate mechanic and rules in favor of selling more books to Players as well as DM’s.

If the players can buy and use the book you will sell more books. The DM buys the module and runs the rest through the game, but if the players all wanted a copy of the book at the game to use making player content is the way to go. I found it made the game difficult to DM and difficult to manage. Where I can run a game and know the rules and how things work with some editions, those that focused on this made things like combat more difficult and more time was spent at the table looking up rules.

AD&D had a select few classes and races to choose from. Second edition gave us splat books. If you are running the older mechanics in some form OSRIC/S&W/Labyrinth Lord/Old School Essentials there is a good possibility you are looking for stuff that is not as complex.


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Wobblies & Wizards Podcast Update

Logar The Barbarian
Logar The Barbarian at his computer in his basement recording the podcast!

lf you have not listened yet, a lot of what we post and do here has been on the Wobblies & Wizards podcast. I am a long-time blogger, but blogging is obscure and niche these days and it seems to me a lot of the ranting and content that would have been posted on a blog 15 years ago is now on podcasts. I would say that podcasts have taken up where blogs started. There are so many podcasts out there these days that it seems much like blogs used to be. Lots of people cranking them out and most have a hard time distinguishing themselves from others.


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Let The Players Take Charge

I like random encounters. – At times they can be mundane, but other times they can lead to gold

Role Playing GroupI have seen players follow them into all sorts of red herrings of their own invention. When players pick up on unintended things and follow them, maybe go with it and let them lead you. Give them something they are looking for that you did not plan. Maybe come up with a couple twists to throw in there. You can puzzle together the pieces as it goes. They might ‘figure it out’ for you before you can come up with something.

Random encounters with combat opponents that live or escape can lead to great things. Bring them back down the road a few game sessions. Give them a scar or injury they are mad at the Player characters over. Make them seek revenge against the players. Sometimes after a low level encounter with a random brigand that gets away can lead you to follow them up levels and create a villain that the players become invested in and truly hate. Have the villain show up to taunt the players when they are at a big disadvantage. Let the players follow those NPCs that piss them off and they grow to hate.


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Skills In RPGs Can Limit Players Actions

I am not a fan of skill-based systems in Role Playing Games (RPG) often. But I love some skill heavy skills in rpgs cookingRPGs. The earlier editions of Dungeons & Dragons did not have skills as a core rule, but often introduced skills as alternative options. When third edition came out the skill system was added as a core mechanic of the game. Prior to the release of third edition, I played a lot of skill heavy RPG systems. I played a lot of Palladium RPGs which are very skill focused. In Heroes Unlimited you get skill packages that could be based on your level of education. This could be a PhD, Masters, Military training and much more. With this comes lots of skills and tons of skill options. That I have noticed tends to be one of the big hurdles in getting into Palladium, not as much using the skills in game, but how long it takes to select and calculate skills in character creation just to start playing or in leveling up a character. I have started using house rules in Palladium when it comes to skill advancement to try and make skill advancement easier, I will get to that later in this post.


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Character Death Makes For A Better Game

I like to run a deadly game. This is common with folks who play older editions of Dungeons & Dragons and other Fantasy Role Playing Games. I am not cruel or looking to kill your characters when I do this. There is a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to this subject. I really enjoy a deadly dungeon, and encounters that the players have little to no chance of surviving if they go in swinging.

PC DeathIn newer editions it seems that there is emphasis on putting your players against monsters that are rated at a combat level that they can defeat in battle. I am not a fan of this. I do not want the players to defeat every opponent in battle. I also do not like to give a lot of experience points for killing monsters and NPC’s in game. The tendency to kill characters does not correlate to a combat oriented game in the philosophy of running a game for me, it is quite the opposite. Combat heavy games tend to be those where death is less likely.

There are a few reasons I prefer to run games this way. For starters I am not a big hack & slash gamer. I can get bored of combat quick. If your solutions to the problems ahead of you are just to kill whatever I find the game becomes monotonous. If I have done my job right as a Dungeon Master in a game, then my players will be invested in their characters and wish to stay alive. If they realize that death is an option and fear what they are going up against there is a tendency to look for solutions for problems besides killing. I have had better game sessions that have been spontaneous and unexpected and engaging from my players or myself as a player trying to avoid the possible fight and combat and trying unique plans.


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Kickstarters for August 2021

I just wanted to take a moment and highlight a few kickstarters going on right now that I am backing. If you would rather listen to the podcast on these kickstarters you can find it on spotify at the Wobblies & Wizards podcast.

Kinless Solo Viking Adventure For Mork Borg

First off we have Kinless, it is describes as a solo viking adventure for Mork Borg. I’m not certain if that means it is an adventure to play with one PC & DM or an adventure to play solitary, but I will likely try to use it on a night we don’t have everyone show up for game and I have just one player. This one is being put out by Chris G. Williams who put out the Explore Dungeons Zines. I am waiting for the delivery of the 2nd issue and have had the 1st issue which is a great zine that I will likely cover in an episode of the podcast in the coming weeks. So, click here to go to kickstarter and back Kinless.


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