Dungeon Week!

It is Dungeon Week on Wobblies & Wizards. All of our episodes this week focus on Dungeons. We launch the week off with a visit from Amanda P. to discuss Beyond the Burning Teeth. Click here to check out the first episode of Dungeon Week on Anchor.FM. Our Blog review this week will focus on blog posts about running and making dungeons. We will be reviewing In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe by Jason Fleming on Zine Thursday, and Chriss Bissette will be joining us for Saturday’s episode to talk Dungeons. Light and Logar wrap up the week by rolling up a random Dungeon.

I also launched a Patreon page www.patreon.com/wobbliesandwizards. We are releasing the episodes early there so if you don’t want to wait, quite a few of the upcoming episodes are already available for our Patreon supporters. Which is exactly none as it’s brand new this morning, so we would love it if you helped to change that.

We accidentally recorded too many episodes for Dungeon week, so the extra episode will be on Patreon for subscribers. Then there is the forbidden episode. Light and I were just not on our “A game” and recorded a half hour episode that should never be heard. I am looking at just uploading it to the Patreon, consider it a blooper reel or just an example of how not to record a podcast.

We might be changing a lot and adjusting the Patreon as we go. For now it was set up using what Patreon suggested.

We have a lot more planned to come, and I am really looking forward to 2022 here on Wobblies & Wizards.

The blog posts covered here in this week blog review are:

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Making awesome dungeons


How to DM a dungeon Crawl with easy dungeon crawl creator


A Primer on Dungeon Crawling


Mythic underworld


Dungeon checklist


Strange things happen when you sleep in dungeons


The overly thematic dungeon


How to never describe a dungeon