Dungeons23 weekly update #1 -The Spurnedlands

Welcome to the first weekly update for my Region23 project. Since the first day of the year is a Sunday we don’t really have much to contemplate yet, this gives me an excellent chance to review some of my tools. YOu can find links to said tools at the bottom of the page.

First, is a modified version of Gus L’s worksheets to fit my needs. there is a page for the entire region, 4 for different subregions, and 12 for each of the points of interest I’ll be creating. I plan to make more modified pages for the town in month 2.

Second, I’ve compiled and revised some ideas I had for a setting last year. It will work as a base for me to build on in the coming weeks.

Welcome to “The Spurnedlands,” friends. Next week I will have three mostly fleshed-out points of interest to share. Happy creating.

Region23 Month 1 – Region worksheets

The Spurnedlands setting overview

Information on my plans, schedule and other tools I’ll be using for Dungeon23 can be found here.

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