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Frog God Game days and One Last Thing, new FGG Module

On September 12th & 13th I played in the Frog God Game Days. This was a sort of online game convention where many DM’s and players played various RPG’s from 5th edition D&D to Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry. I selected two S&W games to play in. The first Saturday morning ran by DM John “Pexx” Barnhouse. He ran the Lost Menagerie, an adventure from Frog God games. Warning, spoilers ahead if you have not played through Lost Menagerie. A lot of the Frog God modules and books come out through Indieagogo or Kickstarter, and I try to back them and get most of the releases I can. This is one I got a few months back and still have not had the chance to break open and read through. I had planned on running it for my gaming group, and I thought the opportunity to play through it would give me a different perspective on the module than if I were less familiar with it when I ran it. I rolled up a few characters at random and ended up playing a Paladin of Muir. Muir is a deity of virtue and Paladins. She is the sister of the god Thyr and the deities have been playing a part in the Lost Lands campaign I have bee running. If you are unfamiliar, the World of The Lost Lands is the setting for many of the books and adventures Frog God publishes. There is a lot of great content out there for the Lost Lands. The DM and the group I played with was a lot of fun, and it was a good change to have someone new DM me. I tend to have the same DM’s when I get a chance to play, so I have been trying to find opportunities to play at other people’s tables to see how they DM and see what I might be able to do to spice up my own games. The Lost Menagerie was an adventure which lead our characters to a hidden prehistoric world under a mountain fighting dinosaurs and other oddities. It really had a Land of the Lost feel to me. I was almost convinced that the whole party was going to die at the end there, but somehow that managed not to happen.

The second game I played in was ran by Ken Spencer, author of the Northlands Saga for Frog God Games, a campaign with a viking theme and setting. Ken also publishes games with other companies including his own company Why Not Games where he publishes his own game called Rocket Age. The game is available in print or PDF at DriveThruRPG. Ken wrote some substantial portions of the Lost Lands settings, so this game was unique. There was no preparation or plot or idea of what the game would be like or about, just that it would be in the Lost Lands. The elements and location of the game we decided as a group before play.  The eventual title of the adventure that was created with input from the players was “Demonic Temple of the Undulating Horror!” It was a good time tracking deep into the jungle to fight snake people cultists trying to resurrect an ancient snake god. This was another fun adventure to play in.

Overall, I got two great DM’s running two great games over the weekend and I would strongly suggest getting into the next Frog God game day when it comes up. I also hope that The Demonic Temple of the Undulating Horror ends up being an actual published adventure one day.

One of the fun parts of participating was listening to some of what the folk over at Frog God Games had to say. I got a chance to learn more about the setting of the Lost Lands, some of what went into putting out the games, and some of the background on who did what and what was in store for the future.

My current Lost Lands campaign is reaching the two year mark, and there is enough material to carry a campaign for the rest of my life with what I currently have yet alone all the new stuff coming out. On a related side note, there is a current indiegogo project called One Last Thing that is up for the next week. Go ahead and get in on that before it is over. I have not been let down by one of their modules yet.