Kickstarters for August 2021

I just wanted to take a moment and highlight a few kickstarters going on right now that I am backing. If you would rather listen to the podcast on these kickstarters you can find it on spotify at the Wobblies & Wizards podcast.

Kinless Solo Viking Adventure For Mork Borg

First off we have Kinless, it is describes as a solo viking adventure for Mork Borg. I’m not certain if that means it is an adventure to play with one PC & DM or an adventure to play solitary, but I will likely try to use it on a night we don’t have everyone show up for game and I have just one player. This one is being put out by Chris G. Williams who put out the Explore Dungeons Zines. I am waiting for the delivery of the 2nd issue and have had the 1st issue which is a great zine that I will likely cover in an episode of the podcast in the coming weeks. So, click here to go to kickstarter and back Kinless.

The next on my list is Bleaksprout a 5E adventure. I don’t normally back 5E books just as a way to keep the game budget down since I do not run 5E, but I am really curious about the art and layout in this one and looking forward to seeing the final product. It seems to have plenty of fungus, always a winner for me. The book boasts a nice Risograph print and the lowest print price for a copy starts at just $9 so I figured it was well worth it. Click here to see Bleaksprout on Kickstarter.

Necropolis from Necromancer GamesNext up we have a new book from Necromancer Games. I try to pick up all the books that Frog God and Necromancer Games put out. If you don’t know the two companies are kind of one in the same. Necropolis is a book that was put out by Necromancer Games in the early 2000s, and adventure by none other than Gary Gygax himself for 3rd edition. The quality of the Necromancer Books and current publications of Frog God Games has been high quality. I have really loved each book I have picked up and they tend to have so much content to run in game that most of these books you can barely scratch the surface trying to run a regular game. They are full of opportunities and content for game. The Lost Lands is a great setting to get into if you have not yet. This edition is coming out for both 5E and Swords & Wizardry (S&W). The S&W edition is compatible with older editions of D&D, OSE and most old school retro clones you might be playing. I suggest backing and getting Necropolis from Necromancer games if you are looking for a good campaign you can run your party through for quite a while.

BloodmarchThe next one is one I am really looking forward to, it is the Book of Beasts for Forbidden Lands and the Bloodmarch. These are two different books in this Kickstarter. The first is a Monster Manual for the Forbidden Lands RPG. Forbidden Lands is described as old school or OSR often, but the system is very new. It is based on the Year Zero Engine published by Free League Publishing. It is a D6 based system that is simple to pick up and learn but complex enough to do a lot with. Free League is one of my favorite publishers out there today doing lots of new and innovative stuff. Forbidden Lands has an old school feel with a heavy focus on running hex crawls and breathes new life into the hex crawl. If anyone has perfected the random encounter it is Free League. The Bloodmarch is another campaign book fleshing out more of the setting of Forbidden Lands. The previous books like this have been top tier.

DelverLast, but not least. Is Delver: Resources for the Random Rolling Referee. I love random tables. I buy lots of books full of them. Random tables are great for preparing game or coming up with something on the fly. They really get the creative juices flowing and help me come up with stuff off the wall I would have never come up with on my own. Delver is for Old School Essentials so it should be compatible with any older edition of D&D as well as old school retro clones. These are the kind of resources I am always looking for. Something that can add to my collection of old D&D and retro clones that has some new ideas to spice things up. It also has a 15 page adventure in it called Secret of the Shattered Monastery. It advertises itself as the first issue, so I’m hoping it is successful and we can see another issue after this adding to it.