Move Over Zine Quest Here Comes Side Quest!


Have you been getting into Zine Quest on Kickstarter? If so Side Quest might just be up your alley. What is it? Like Zine Quest, it is a crowdfunding effort to get awesome creative DIY RPG and gaming zines supported and out. Unlike Zine Quest, this effort seems to be creator organized and lead. You can still get in on it at SideQuest.Info. Throughout the month of November, you can help support and spread the word to others about this creative endeavor.

Spreading the word on social media is a big help. Let others know about it and if you can support some of the projects. Some of the creators who did some amazing zines last Zine Quest are participating and I personally am looking forward to this.

Tuesday this week on the Wobblies & Wizards podcast we speak to Tanya Floaker who has been working with the others to organize this event. They are working on a diceless Role Playing Game called Tiny Spaceship.

Come Martin who wrote Two Summers, a zine recently reviewed here also has a zine called Meanwhile, in the Underground for Itras By, Troika or Electric Bastionland. There are many other participants you can look over what is coming on the page.

So, don’t wait for Zine Quest 4 to support independent creators in their endeavors. And, if you are an independent creator there is still time to contact and get involved. Let’s help get the word out there about this, share links to Side Quest on social media, and tell your friends about it.