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Old School Revival Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has a great deal right now. Their Old School Revival Dragons, Dungeons & Mazes bundle has almost everything you would need to run quite a few campaigns. Not only is it chock full of great modules, campaigns and adventures, but it comes with the core book for Swords & Wizardry and the Player’s handbook for Castles & Crusades.  These two systems the bundle comes with are two I highly recommend, so if nothing else, they are a chance to check them out and see what kind of great content is out there for them. Now, the adventures this comes with I want to highlight. A lot of the stuff in here I own, some of the stuff I have ran and read through. There are a few new ones here for me, but I’d like to focus on the books that I have and am familiar with because I feel they are well worth this bundle if you do not have them.

The World of the Lost Lands is the setting that Frog God publishes, and here are some great starting points for running a campaign in the Lost Lands. Starting with the Borderland Provinces books. The bundle has both the Borderland Provinces world book which lays out the area and is great for a sandbox style campaign. My party went through quite a bit of this exploring. It is the region that the legendary Dungeon of Rappan Athuk is hidden. Also it comes with the Borderland Provinces Adventures books, a great book full of adventures that happen all through the region. This bundle also has the other smaller books that are great for designing random adventures and encounters in the Borderland Provinces and a player’s guide for the area.  If that is not enough, it comes with the Northlands Saga, not only the larger complete volume of  Northlands Saga coming in over 670 pages of a Viking inspired campaign, it also has many additional modules for this massive campaign and other supplemental material. Books like the Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms are also set adjacent to areas like the Borderland Provinces giving you a great deal to explore and spread your campaign through the World of the Lost Lands. The Lost city of Barakus, a campaign set in the Borderland Provinces is also included. This lays out a great area to explore and discover with a large city adjacent to a great dungeon. With this collection of books you could run your campaign through years of gaming. My own use of these filled years of my campaign, and still we barely scratched the surface of what many of these books contain. On top of all the random adventures you get here set in the Lost Lands, you also get tons of adventures from other publishers like Troll Lord games and others. Now, all this material can be taken to run in your own settings as well.

My big excitement in this is Barrowmaze a mega dungeon book that I did not previously have but have heard a great deal about. Upon writing this I have not read through it yet alone played it, but it is freshly downloaded, and I am ready to dig in. Perhaps I will review it here sometime in the future. With so much that I was familiar with being such good solid content, I have only high hopes for the other adventures and content here that I have yet to read. Also, as I was downloading the books, I noticed there were quite a few labeled as solo adventures. I have not ran solo adventures yet, so I am curious to pull those up and see what they are like. Overall, I would say that this package is worth the $15 or more you would donate to pick up this great library of material.