#Region23 my variation on a variation of #Dungeon23

Dungeon 23 logo in blueIf you’re reading this OSR-adjacent blog there is a solid chance you know what #Dungeon23 is (original post by Sean McCoy Here), So I will skip the verbose explainer and get to my plans for this challenge.

Format: The original format for Dungeon23 is one room every day for 365 days, with a new level every month. I do like the brain purge this facilitates. It feels like a great way to get ideas on paper which makes room for new and better ideas. Will it lead to a playable dungeon? Probably not, but it will lead to some banger dungeon rooms you can cannibalize for future projects.

Emmy Verte’s alternative weekly timeline features 3 rooms and the remaining days are for more specific details. This is a good way of adding some pacing to the project which allows participants shorter benchmarks to reach than every month. I’ve made some very slight revisions to fit my plans.

#Region23: My specific plan is to create a starting region with one town and 5 dungeons/pointcrawl locations.

My monthly schedule

  • January: Region
  • February: Town
  • March – April: Location 1
  • May – June: Location 2
  • July- August: Location 3
  • September – October: Location 4
  • November – December: Location 5

My very slightly modified version of Emmy’s alternative weekly schedule

  • Monday: Room. This includes points of interest, small fixed regional encounters, and buildings in town.
  • Tuesday: Item. Magic items, and other things players might want to poke with a stick
  • Wednesday: Room.
  • Thursday: Individual. NPC of either a fixed location or encounters for a random table.
  • Friday: Room.
  • Saturday: Faction. Can be a new faction or added details and connections to existing ones.
  • Sunday: Much like mornings, is for contemplation. I will go over the previous week and flesh out whatever could use it as well as add in lore details and rumours.
The Ghoulies VHS cover with a gross, moist, puppet in suspenders coming out of a toilet with the subtitle "They'll get you in the end."
Man, remember the Ghoulies? I’m a sucker for wet puppets.

Ideas I’m bringing with me: The Spurned Reaches (working title) is a homebrew setting I’ve been kicking around for a while. It will feature, swamps, mountains, forests, a vast underground cave network, and a coastal town. I will be peppering in the monsters from my OSE lore rewrites. I want it to border on gonzo but no spaceships, laser guns, or any of that Buck Rogers crap. I want it to be equal parts gross and whimsical, like a puppet from the Ghoulies.

Tools: I will keep this list small to avoid getting overwhelmed with options. I once had a Skyrim mod list totalling over 600 mods all bashed together. I played it for approximately 6 hours before getting bored. I don’t want to do that here, so besides my laptop, everything will have to fit in a small briefcase.

My current list of tools

  • Notebook and sticky notes: I’m more of a digital person but having one to capture ideas is useful.
  • Google Keep and Docs: Keep is for capturing ideas as they come and docs is for fleshing them out.
  • OSE Advanced Fantasy Player’s Tome and Referee’s Tome: for all the little crunchy bits I’ll need.
  • Black Hack 2e and New Big Dragon’s D30 companions: Lots of great tables in these bad boys, perfect for getting the gears turning or quickly laying out a dungeon or hex.
  • Veins Of The Earth and Into The Wyrd And The Wild: This is a perfect excuse to break out these excellent toolboxes and create at least one magical forest and one alien cave structure.
  • Worlds Without Numbers: This is a bit of a cheat as this bad boy is huge and doesn’t fit in my briefcase unless it’s empty, but I’ve printed the tags and thrown them in. Kevin Crawford’s work is as popular as it is for a reason and tags are a great way to give you an overview of a location. I’ve linked to the free version as all the Tags are available in there but please support Kevin’s work.
  • Old School Stylish: This is a great little zine which I’ve previously reviewed here. It suggests a world where great masters teach mystic knowledge to those they deem worthy. I plan to use this system to build powerful and interesting patron NPCs.
  • Hex Kit, Watabou’s generators, and Dungeon Scrawl: I am not very good at visual arts so these tools will help me make worthwhile visuals.
  • WWN Reddit resources: some very cool automated tools in this Reddit thread. of special interest to me is this excellent hex content generator.

I will start this project on January 1st and post weekly updates as part of my Sunday contemplations.

PS the multitalented Andy Duvall has compiled this excellent list of resources. Andy was also on today’s episode of Wobblies and Wizards with Logar to talk a bit about #Dungeon23. Andy’s great and deserves all the support for their excellent work.

Josh D.

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