Swords and Sorcery Adventure Modules Played in Our Hyperborea Campaign

Our Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerer’s Hyperborea (by North Wind games) campaign has been going on for over 2 years. We’ve had some players come and go, but its been a pretty consistent crew for past year? or so with 6 players / 7 characters. Characters are around level 5-6 as I’ve been using milestone advancements. 

Its a pretty powerful party with berserkers, barbarians, rune engravers along with a scout, priest, and heavy weapons cryomancer. We’re having fun with it as its a Swords & Sorcery fantasy game vs. traditional D&D fantasy. I add in NPCs to the party if they need some other skill sets. Though in the recent adventure, the party has been sending the NPC paladin through all the doors first.  

We’ve played a lot of adventure modules from both North Wind games (publisher of the system) and other OSR publishers. Some modules I’ve had to convert from 5E, d20, or other systems as well as subbing out some races/creatures that aren’t in the Hyperborea universe. eg. Hyperboreans for Elves. Reskinning for Hyperborea setting isn’t too hard and just subbing out monster stats from 5E / other system to OSR stats is easy too.

Adventures have taken anywhere from 3 to 6 sessions to play with each session lasting about 3-4 hrs. The modules that we have played not from North Wind, I picked because of the weird fantasy or horror elements in it along with occasional OSR dungeon crawl.

If you are running a Swords & Sorcery type of campaign, these adventures would fit (some may need a little reskinning).

  • Rats in Wall  (North Wind)
  • Black Moss Hag (North Wind)
  • Chaos Touched  (Troll Lord Games)
  • The Brazen Bull (North Wind)
  • The Anthrophophagi of Xambaala (North Wind)
  • Mystery at Port Greenly (North Wind)
  • City of Riches Messantia (Mongoose Conan D20)
  • Castle in the Sky (Goodman Games)
  • Brief Azathoth temple adv (Conan Moedipus)
  • Caves of Dero (Conan Moedipus)
  • Horror out of Hagsjaw (S&W)
  • Quests of doom 4: Pictures in Exhibition (S&W)
  • Downtime activities
  • Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes (North Wind)
  • Mysterious Tower (Goodman Games)
  • Blood Lagoon (S&W)
    • Side Adventure: Kobold Press
  • Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen (Dark Wizard) – currently in progress