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The Book of Collected Rumors on Kickstarter

I want to highlight a kickstarter going on right not. Philip Reed has been doing a lot of great kickstarters at reasonable prices. The content he has been putting out tends to be system neutral, so usable with whatever fantasy RPG you might be playing. I have been backing his kickstarters this year, and using some of the content in our game. I can say that I really appreciate the quality of the content I have received from previous kickstarters of his.

The current kickstarter is putting into print some of the content he released in PDF collected in one book. There seems to be some new content in the book as well. I am happy to get a print of the PDF’s to go with the other print books I picked up of his. You can click here to back the project, as of my writing this there is a week left to back this project on kickstarter.

Most of his previous projects are available on DrivethruRPG. I really enjoyed the Fantasy City Sites and Scenes and Fantasy City Sites and Scenes 2. In my game they were great at pulling out some locations and characters to throw into the towns my players have been visiting. I’ve had my players take interest in some of the locations, and this has really helped to build some great flavor and interactions within our campaign.

Philip Reed also has some great little zines worth checking out called the Delayed Blast Gamemaster. Overall, I would suggest any of the publications I have received so far from backing his kickstarters. Not only has the quality of the books been very good, but the content is amazing and each project that I supported delivered very fast compared to other projects I have backed on kickstarter. I can’t say how pleased I am with what I have been getting and how fast it has delivered so far.

I prefer print copies for game, but there are quite a few lower priced products he has available on DrivethruRPG so checking out the quality of work for a low price by buying PDF’s is a great way to really see what he has to offer DM’s and their game.