The OSR is Anti-Fascist

I often disagree with politics of posts online, look, read, and move on. There are limits and boundaries though. I interact with plenty across political spectrums in my day to day life with interpersonal relationships and even when organizing. As one who has organized workers quite a bit over the years, I have worked along side people who are liberal, leftists, communists, libertarians, conservatives and many more. Many of them I consider friends. I can find some common ground with most people. I do not tolerate fascism. There is no common ground with fascists, and we should have no spaces that tolerate fascism.

In my youth I began to meet and become friends with a diverse group of people through Role Playing Games. I am an old timer. I began playing most of the games that are considered OSR when they were new and innovative. And in those circles, I began to make friends who were gay, trans, various ethnicities and races. I did not make friends with fascists. By the time I joined the USMC I already had experience fighting fascists specifically from punk and metal scenes. This was not internet bickering; this was legit conflict. I have dealt with fascists threatening the lives of others as well as myself.

For a long period of time I checked out of many fan circles. I was really into comics, SciFi, Role Playing Games and many things along those lines. Interacting in spaces where they were popular in the 90’s was often toxic. The racism, misogyny and all-over vile toxicity of the community put me off. I began to avoid many spaces because of this. So, to hear that there would be some absolute garbage of a human being claiming to speak for all while pushing his agenda of just outright bigotry does not shock me. If you do not know what I am referring to, I will pass on giving any of that attention or links. You can seek that out if you really want to know.

I am a union guy. The one union I have been most active with over the years is the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The IWW is considered a radical leftist union. But, the IWW refuses to support or endorse any political candidates or parties. I fully support not dragging any alignment with political parties or candidates, in fact I would say that political parties are toxic and divisive. So for a community of gamers to endorse a political candidate would be absurd. Which is exactly what some more fashy types have done.  If the OSR is a community of people who play a certain type of game, then I would indeed be a part of the OSR. In fact, I did not make the jump to a lot of new systems. I have been playing those games since they were new and current. I didn’t become the OSR, the OSR gravitated to a revival of what I was already doing. So, I feel comfortable enough saying that myself and others I game with do not support Trump.

I am going to add to this. There is no space for fascism or Nazis within our communities, and we should hold a firm stance in any online or physical groups that fascists are not welcome. All are welcome to play, I DM many people across many different walks of life, and opening these spaces to people who would straight up commit genocide or side with genocide, white nationalism, fascism or anything like this is not safe for anyone.

Any hatred of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, class, or any other aspect, especially aspects of marginalization we should do our best to stand up against. We should be creating a hobby and culture that is healthy and safe from this kind of garbage. (occupations are choices, just sayin.)

This post today is in response to a blog called The Elf Game that posted in a group recently. I am writing it because the voice of support for others against fascism is needed in our community. We must make a stand and do what we can to push out, drown out and make our space as unaccepting of fascism and bigotry as we can. I’m not going to let the game I’ve been playing for four decades suddenly be taken from me by fascists. Fuck those guys.

If you get upset about someone saying fascism or Nazis are unacceptable, perhaps you should take a good long look at that. I am not making anything political. This should be the most apolitical statement in the USA. I was anti-fascist in the USMC and remain so to this day. I didn’t make this political. They drew first blood, and we can not stand by and say or do nothing. I want my gaming to keep politics out, but that starts with not allowing some Neo-fascists to infest our spaces and our hobby.

I stand against transphobia, racism, sexism, classism, and fascists. I was proud to see so many cut ties and speak out against a certain racist in the last year who was posting some really horrible stuff online and watched as Frog God Games, Goodman Games and others stepped out to cut ties with the guy. This needs to be the norm. I don’t want politics to be injected in my game, at least not real-world ones. I deal in the political realm heavily on a daily basis. I do not want it in my game. Nazis, fuck off and die.

The OSR is Anti-Fascist, if it’s not we need to fight to make it so.