Welcome to Wobblies & Wizards

For the last year we have been posting over at tabletoproleplaying.com. We have decided to move the blog here to wobbliesandwizards.com. The name change is largely because the old url was pretty generic and we felt that this name defines us a bit better. While not all of our players and contributors are Wobblies, quite a few in my game group over the years are and have been. We talked about naming our game group back when we were still meeting in person, and it ended up getting named after what I named my WiFi here at the house, Wobblies & Wizards. Most of our players who are not wobblies have at least had agreeable leanings towards the wobblies and similar ideologies, so it worked. I also feel that today where so much is changing socially it kind of draws a line in the sand where we stand. I’ve been a wobblie for about 10 years now.

I have played RPGs since the late 80s and some of us here perhaps even longer. We tend to get into a lot of Old School Revival (OSR) games. We also love to explore new, obscure and independent games as well, so I will try to have more on those types of games on here as well. My latest obsession in RPGs has been RPG zines. Some of the best content out there right now is being put out by independent creators either through print on demand or in Zines. Some of the distributors out there where zines like this are showing up like Exalted Funeral also sell some really great political literature as well, so it is a scene I am really appreciating right now.

As you are checking this out go have a listen to the Wobblies & Wizards podcast. Right now it’s just me rambling about RPG stuff alone, but hopefully we can change that and bring some others in to join here in the near future.