Why not player facing rolls in D&D?

One thing I see in a lot of newer games popping up is the player facing role where the DM or game master doesn’t make the rolls, but the players do. Now, I think that is cool for a change up here and there but it is not my preferred play style. I’m still very much attached to that old school game where a dungeon master rolls behind the screen and you don’t know what horrors await. But I enjoy it trying out new games to change things up and a lot of folks seem to prefer it. 


It occurred to me that I can really do this with a lot games by inverting the rolls. Take Dungeons & Dragons, it’s got a passive defense with AC. The DM rolls above the AC and if they beat the AC you are hit. Let’s change that, now it’s there player rolling to see if they get hit, their fate is on their own hands. It simply becomes the player has to roll under their AC to avoid being hit, really it’s that simple. You can change the whole dynamic by simply inverting what you need and changing who rolls. It’s still a roll above hits. The mechanic doesn’t change what changes is who rolls and it becomes more of a savings throw.


This might become complicated when players have to roll high to attack in combat yet they have to roll low to defend in combat. It is not a unified mechanic where all the attack rolls are roll high, yet it might be a mechanic worth playing with


It’s just a thought. Maybe someone has a hack somewhere up their sleeve that can get more creative with this. It would be easy to do this invert of rolls in lots of game systems to make player facing rolls.