Wobblies & Wizards Podcast Update

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lf you have not listened yet, a lot of what we post and do here has been on the Wobblies & Wizards podcast. I am a long-time blogger, but blogging is obscure and niche these days and it seems to me a lot of the ranting and content that would have been posted on a blog 15 years ago is now on podcasts. I would say that podcasts have taken up where blogs started. There are so many podcasts out there these days that it seems much like blogs used to be. Lots of people cranking them out and most have a hard time distinguishing themselves from others.

For our podcast, I have asked who is our demographic, and that is primarily folks really into role-playing games, but mostly other Dungeon Masters or Game Masters. Also, we are not really a 5th edition podcast, so our focus will be on other games both OSR games, old games and new games. I am really interested in trying to highlight independent creators, zines and other folks like that. So, if you are unknown or unheard of and cranking stuff out reach out to us. While I get into more old school games because I’m a bit older, I am not trying to keep it at old games. I also asked what makes us different and stand out, and I have been decided to make that our consistency of posting. So far I have reached my goals of one ten-minute episode a day that goes live at 6:00 am EST every morning. As we go forward I am going to be working on adding other voices and contributors to the podcast. I am not sure how consistently we will have others on the podcast, so many episodes may go back to just me as they have been to keep with the daily schedule.

I would love some feedback. Let me know what you like or would like to hear, that would be a great help. If you have been listening, please follow us on facebook and subscribe. Subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen, and help share some of your favorite episodes. That would really help us a great deal.

Currently I am trying to highlight one book a week and one zine a week. Thursdays seem to have become zine day around here. I’ll keep that up as long as I have zines to review. So far all my reviews are positive and sound mostly like a fan geeking out. That is because so far I am only discussing books and zines that I love. That may change, but I’m trying to avoid being negative in general in the podcast. I listen to some podcasts that turn me off with that kind of thing. I don’t care to hear some grognard talking shit and being cranky and negative or mean, so I’m attempting to be the opposite of that. I have also noticed some vloggers and podcasters have been trying to make a name for themselves by just being insulting and bigoted, that too is a bad look. I don’t want to become just a leftist version of that, so I am trying to avoid that sort of thing.

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It is available at most places you might be listening to podcasts thanks to Anchor.fm, so look it up where you listen to podcasts if the link you are looking for is not there.

Right now we are just using Anchor for the Podcast, it has been working pretty good so far and has met all my needs. I will likely be adding ads or other forms of monetization as all the hosting and other expenses have just been out of pocket and I’d like to try to start covering some of that.

It is our plan and goal to start adding a longer weekend podcast episode where we speak with others about Role-Playing Games. Also, on a side note. I like the idea of sticking with the good old Red & Black for our logo, headers and the stuff we are cranking out. Good old Spirit of 36, Anarchist Red & Black, SOLIDARITY!